Sunday, 20 March 2016

The Light Podcast Mixtape 009 - D.I.T.C.


The good folks over at The Light Podcast have put together a Diggin' In The Crates compilation as part of their running mixtape series. Stream or download below and be sure to check out their podcast too at The Light Podcast


1. The Big Picture - Big L (The Big Picture) 
2. Funky Technician - Lord Finesse (Funky Technician)
3. Bad Mutha - Lord Finesse (Funky Technician)
4. Isn’t He Something - Lord Finesse (Return of the Funky Man)
5. Stop Sweating the Next Man - Lord Finesse (Return of the Funky Man)
6. Party Groove - Showbiz and AG (Soul Clap)
7. Soul Clap - Showbiz and AG (Soul Clap)
8. Diggin in the Crates - Showbiz and AG (Soul Clap)
9. More Than One Way Out of the Ghetto - Showbiz and AG (Runaway Slave)
10. 40 Acres and my Props - Showbiz and AG (Runaway Slave)
11. Hard to Kill - Showbiz and AG (Runaway Slave)
12. Catchin Wreck - Showbiz and AG (Runaway Slave)
13. Represent - Showbiz and AG (Runaway Slave)
14. Best Kept Secret - Diamond D (Stunts, Blunts…)
15. Check One, Two - Diamond D (Stunts, Blunts…)
16. Flow Joe - Fat Joe (Represent)
17. Da Fat Gangsta - Fat Joe (Represent)
18. Time’s Up - O.C. (Word…Life)
19. Put It On - Big L (Lifestylez…)
20. 8 Iz Enuff - Big L (Lifestylez…)
21. Street Struck- Big L (Lifestylez…)
22. Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous - Big L (Lifestylez…)
23. Add on - Showbiz & AG (Goodfellas) 
24. Next Level (Original version) - Showbiz & AG (Goodfellas)
25. Watch Out - Fat Joe (Jealous One’s Envy)
26. Brainstorm PSK - Lord Finesse (The Awakening)
27. Speak Ya Peace - Lord Finesse (The Awakening)
28. My World - OC (Jewelz)
29. Stronjay - OC (Jewelz)
30. MUG - OC (Jewelz)
31. Hypocrite - OC (Jewelz)
32. Jewelz - OC (Jewelz)
33. Flowin - Diamond D (Hatred, Passions…)
34. 5 Fingas of Death - Diamond D (Hatred, Passions…)
35. This One - Diamond D (Hatred, Passions…)
36. K.T. - Diamond D (Hatred, Passions…)
37. Drop it Heavy - AG (Full Scale)
38. Dignified Soldiers - Showbiz & AG (Full Scale) 
39. Triplets - Fat Joe (Don Cartegena)
40. Weed Scented - AG (The Dirty Version)
41. Day One - DITC
42. The Enemy - DITC
43. Stand Strong - DITC 
44. Deadly Combination - Big L (The Big Picture)
45. Holding it down - Big L (The Big Picture)
46. Platinum Plus - Big L (The Big Picture)
47. Pain - Diamond D (The Diam Piece)

Friday, 18 March 2016

Dubbul O & Pro P - As We Proceed (Album)


Two years on from their first collaborative album together, "Omega", Dubbul O and Pro P prepare to release their second project "As We Proceed". The LP will be available on Bandcamp through Room2 Records.

Check the link for the album preview tracks and pre-order followed by the video for their first single "The Eyes Know" beneath.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Timeless Truth - Cold Wave (Video)

Oprime and Solace

The brothers of Timeless Truth escape the confines of Queens to the great outdoors but continue to be freshly dipped in their beloved Polo (with a hint of Carhartt) in their new video for "Cold Wave".

This track is taken from their newly released and much anticipated album of the same name. Expect features from the late great Sean Price, Your Old Droog, Ill Bill and production from DJ Skizz, Roc Marciano and Large Professor among others.

"Cold Wave" is available now.

Skematics - Wrong Feels So Right ft. Crestastarr (Video)


Skematics drops the second video from his EP "Somewhere In The Gray" which is released later this month. "Wrong Feels So Right" features vocals from Crestastarr.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Shotty Horroh - JAB (Video)

Shotty Horroh
You know, I've always found it funny how boring "artists" who make it to the mainstream think that they really hold any weight when it comes to actual talent. The fact that a bunch of kids who still play their tinny MP3s at the back of the bus support you says a lot. Throwaway.

It seems like I'm not the only one who thinks like that and I'm glad a certain "artist" is being called out on it too. Shotty Horroh via Link Up TV has just systematically dismantled your little sister's favourite rapper.

Dr. G provides the soundtrack to this verbal beating and you need to listen to it now.

Shouts to Day and Jord. I see you.